Friday, January 3, 2014

Bitching and Moaning and Raking in the Profits

Many U.S. businesses have responded to The Affordable Healthcare Act by raising their prices, lowering their quality and hiring only for part time positions.   This un-American approach to progress has my attention.  I wanted to know who is supporting healthcare for all Americans and who are the “Obama haters.”   I choose to avoid selfish companies.
This is a list compiled from an article in the Huffington Post, August 21, 2013.  I added the greedy details:

McDonald’s   Peter Bensen, McDonald’s chief financial officer, said on in a conference call last year, that Obamacare will cost the company and its franchisees $140 million to $420 million per year.  According to, McDonald’s gross profit for 12 months, ending Sept. 30, 2013, was $10.89 billion dollars.

Whole Foods   In January, John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, told NPR that Obamacare is “like fascism.”   In May, 2013, Moneybox reported that Whole Foods had “stellar earnings” announcing a 13.6 % overall sales growth.
Boeing  Boeing lobbied unsuccessfully against a new Obamacare fee, according to the Wall Street Journal.  In an article posted by Heraldnet in November of last year, Dan Catchpole reports that Boeing is making record profits and doing millions in stock buy backs.”

CKE (Owner of Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr.)   CEO of CKE, Andrew Puzder, said in an interview by Bloomberg Businessweek last year, that “he plans to respond to Obamacare by selling cheaper meals and hiring more part-time workers.”  He has also said he plans to build fewer restaurants in response. reported the following in March of 2013:  “The Company [CKE] expects to report total revenue of $1,326 million for fiscal year 2013, an increase of $46 million, or 3.6 % compared to fiscal 2012.  Company-operated same-store sales increased by 3.0% in fiscal 2013.”

Jimmy Johns   Fox News reported Jimmy John’s CEO, Jimmy John Liaulaud, said he “plans to cut his workers’ hours in order to avoid having to offer them health insurance under Obamacare.”  The CEO said, “There’s no other way we can survive it.” posted the top sandwich chains ranked by profits in January 2013.  Jimmy John’s came in second to Subway on their list.  Subway’s 3 year return on investment is followed by Jimmy John’s 3.1 years to pay off the initial investment with annual profits.  On their own web page, Jimmy Johns boasts $1,431,665 average annual gross sales and $299,015 average net profit from operations for its franchises.

These are just five examples.  First their bitching, then their actual profits.   How many  more companies are complaining, taking it out on their employees and raking in the profits?  

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