Tuesday, May 20, 2014

                     10 Signs That You May Be Addicted
                       To Cooking Shows  

1.  Your dinner is incomplete without pickled vegetables.

2.  Your pantry could get you on an episode of "Hoarders."

3.  You have plastic squeeze bottles and washed-out tuna
     cans on the shelf next to your dishes.

4.  Your pantry is bare when stocked with less than five kinds  
      of cooking oil.

5.  Instead of saying, "good dinner," Hubby says, "nice plating" 
     and "well-seasoned."

6.  You buy six mussels, Google the recipe, and fix them for
      yourself, just to see if you like them.         
7.  You are growing "recycled" baby bok choy in a flower pot 
      on your deck.

8.   If you can't find your camera, it's usually in the kitchen.

9.   You can identify at least four kinds of hot peppers.

10.  If you're lucky, you got a good chef's knife and mandoline
       for Christmas.     

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