Friday, November 8, 2013

Journal Entries

A Selection of Journal Entries...

                       Dated July 22, 1997:

Who knows when the kitchen floor had been mopped last?  The ever-shine linoleum was dulled by dirt and sticky with kid-droppings.  My husband said he'd rather walk barefoot across an alley than approach the kitchen without slippers.

                         Dated December 12, 1999:

Don't say you're sorry
To bring the silence to an end.
Don't say you're sorry
To make my heart bend.
Don't say you're sorry,
Just to do it again.

                        Dated October 11, 2011

Bless little Delilah's heart.  She had surgery on her skull today.  Brie, Seth and I stayed at the hospital, but then I went home after Delilah was stable in the recovery room.  Today was such a difficult day.  Delilah is the happiest baby.  Thinking of her in pain is unbearable.  And then poor Brie and Seth.  They love her so.  It was hard to see their pain as they met Delilah in the recovery room.  Her head was completely bandaged and her little eyes were black and blue and swollen shut.  She looked like a little cherub, but not like Delilah. The doctors an nurses are very nice and considerate.  What a difference it makes.  It was supposed to be in the 80's today.  Yet, all it's done is rain.  Thank you, God, for watching over Delilah, Brie and Seth.  I've learned a grandmother's heart breaks twice, once for her child and again for her grandchild.

                       Dated July 9, 2006

Today, my darling granddaughter [Scarlett], I felt you move.  You got the hiccoughs and I felt those, too.
Mommy teases me when I cry.  But, I know she would be surprised if I didn't.  My tears are just my love for you spilling over.

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